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I.  A 90% grade-point average is required in order to join and must be maintained to retain your membership. 

II.  You must be registered through the Google Form to be officially enrolled in Beta Club. New members (including all freshmen) are required to pay a $30.00 membership fee ($40 w/shirt), and returning members are required to pay a $20.00 membership fee ($30 w/shirt). This money goes to the National Beta Club. This must be turned in by October 19th.

III.  Meetings are the third (3rd) Thursday of every month from September to May at 7:30am in the Lecture Hall. Beta Club reserves the right to change the meeting dates. Three (3) absences are allowed throughout the year; excused absences must be pre-approved. Email Andrew Wallace to pre-approve excused absences before the meeting.

IV.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must complete and submit a total of 16 hours (including 4 tutoring hours), made up of service/tutoring. Seniors who have been in the club 3+ years (including this year) are required to attain a minimum of ten (10) service/ (including 3 tutoring hours); however, new senior members are required to submit the full sixteen (16) hours.

V.  Service hours must be through Beta Club or be pre-approved by the sponsor (Sarah Buffington) and service chair (Jim Caldwell) via email. You can only be credited five (5) service hours per project unless otherwise specified.

VI.  In order to receive credit, all tutoring hours must be obtained by tutoring an RCSD student with an RCSD employee as the adult witness unless otherwise pre-approved by the sponsor for special cases and non-academic courses. You may tutor a person in your class IF your teacher approves. You cannot tutor a sibling under any circumstances.

VII.  All deadlines are FINAL. No exceptions or extensions will be made.

VIII.  Hours turned into Beta club cannot be submitted to other clubs or organizations. Beta Club hours WILL count towards Distinguished Service Award, but YOU must turn in those hours. 

IX.  If all of your required hours are NOT submitted by the deadline in April, seniors will NOT graduate with Beta Honors, and underclassmen will NOT be invited to renew their membership the following school year. Half of your service and tutoring hours are due in December (deadline TBA).

X.  Failure to adhere to the ideals of Beta; achievement, character, leadership, and service, may result in removal from the club.

XI.  If you fail to fulfill the above requirements, you will be allowed ONE appeal for re-admittance to Beta Club. You may only submit ONE appeal for the entire duration of your membership. You must speak to the sponsor to begin the process.

XII.  You are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that your membership with Beta Club is maintained.



Beta Club reserves the right to edit and amend these bylaws at any time.

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