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February 19-21, 2024, MS Coast Coliseum and Convention Center

Convention Schedule and Resources

Information Packet

2022-23 Results


Digital Art Division II: Baker Hall, 2nd Place

Fiber Arts Division II: Madelyn (Sloan) Berry, 2nd Place

French 12th Grade: Carson May, 3rd Place

Jewelry Division II: James (Jim) Caldwell, 4th Place

Math 11th Grade: James Caldwell, 3rd Place

Performing Arts Senior - Solo, Duo, Trio - Instrumentalist: Northwest Rankin, 5th Place

Robotics Showcase Senior: Northwest Rankin Team, 4th Place

Science 12th Grade: Joshua Bowman, 2nd Place

Spanish 11th Grade: Cody Hill, 3rd Place

 Three Dimensional Design Senior: Northwest Rankin, 5th Place

Woodworking Division II: Joshua Bowman, 2nd Place


Division I = Freshmen and Sophomores; Division II = Juniors and Seniors

  • Individual Tests (side note: Division I = 9th & 10th; Division II = 11th & 12th)

    • Written Tests (Online Only)

      • Language Arts (Division I & II)

      • Math (Division I & II)

      • Science (Division I & II)

      • Social Studies (Division I & II)

      • Spanish (Division I & II)

      • Agriscience (Division I & II)

    • Onsite Writing (Online Only)

      • Creative Writing (Division I & II)

      • Poetry (Division I & II)

    • Speech​

      • 2-3 minute preprepared speech​

  • Individual Arts

    • Visual Arts (side note: may compete in more than one in this category)

      • Photography

      • Digital Art

      • Painting

      • Fiber Arts

      • Woodworking

      • Mixed Media

      • Drawing

      • Sculpture

      • Recyclable Art

      • Handmade Jewelry

    • Onsite Art

      • Students are given 2 hours to paint/draw in response to a given prompt

      • Painting

      • Drawing

  • Team Competitions

    • Quiz Bowl

      • Oral Competition​

      • Written Exam (Online Only)

    • Performing Arts

      • 6 minute maximum time limit

      • Solo

      • Duo

      • Trio

    • Freshman Problem Solving Team

      • Team of 3 to 4 freshmen given a team test

    • Engineering

      • Rube Goldberg machine

    • Marketing and Communications

      • 3 to 5 students to create an onsite marketing campaign in response to a given prompt

    • Robotics Showcase

      • 4 to 8 members bring a prebuilt robot and showcase the theme: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Club Competitions

    • Two Dimensional Design

      • Display a freestanding banner ​that depicts the theme: Beta Fueling the Future

    • Service Learning Showcase

      • The club submits one trifold board showcasing any or all of the club's service projects​

    • Portfolio

      • A scrapbook/storyboard/book/etc. showcasing the club's activities over the past year​

    • Performing Arts

      • 6 minute maximum

      • 4 or more students​

    • Technology

      • 2 minute electronic presentation on theme: Today's Leaders, Tomorrow's Future

    • Problem Solving Scenario (Freshmen Online Only)

      • 3+ students create and act out a skit incorporating Beta ideals. No longer than 5 minutes

    • Spotlight on Service

      • Trifold that showcases a service focus

    • Living Literature

      • Recreate a scene from a work of literature

    • Show Choir

      • At least 12 participants to perform a 3-6 minute choral repertoire

More information on each competition can be found in the Convention Handbook link above

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